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Omega Replica Watches's "snowflake Sub" is the next chapter of the Omega Replica Watches story! The dial and hands of this iconic, instantly recognizable style were created in response to requests by divers for a more legible design. This unique hour hand, along with the square hour marks and seconds hand, would have made it easier to read underwater in combat situations. All Omega Replica Watches collectors must own one of these "snowys" in either black or blue dial/bezel combinations!

The Omega Replica Watches Monte Carlo ref. The Omega Replica Watches Monte Carlo ref.

The chronograph is also a star in Omega Replica Watches's stable.Omega Replica Watches There were three different series of Plexiglas watches. The "Homeplates", the "Monte Carlos", the "Big Blocks" and the "Big Blocks". In 1971, the second chronograph series was launched. It is called the 71x9 Series. Collectors have given them the name "Monte Carlos", as the dial design is reminiscent of roulette tables in the famous gambling mecca. The Monte Carlo Chronographs introduced the new color scheme of blue and orange, along with the gray and black that was first seen on Homeplate chronographs.

The Big Block was the third and final series in Plexiglas Chronographs. Collectors gave the watch this name because of the depth of its case. The Big Block was Omega Replica Watches's first automatic clock. It was also the first automatic Rolex chronograph, 12 years before the Zenith powered Rolex Daytona of 1988.

In the past, Omega Replica Watchess were unfairly labelled as "the poor man's Rolex". However, there is no doubt that vintage Omega Replica Watchess have seen a huge increase in interest over the last 10 years.Patek Philippe Replica The auction results show the growing interest of collectors in early, rare examples. Omega Replica Watchess are now a common sight at major auctions, which was unheard of even a few short years ago. Omega Replica Watches has become a household name and is a good investment for iconic, wearable watches. Here we present - Revolution's "The Icons of Omega Replica Watches".